Calvin Williams

Calvin Williams

Dr. Calvin Williams

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My name is Calvin Williams.   I am a physician as well as a minister of the gospel of Jesus Christ who has a heart for the proclamation of the gospel around the world.   The work that Mark and Joani Akers are doing at Oasis International gives us an opportunity to reach many people groups from around the world with the life and love as well as the message and ministry of Jesus right here in St. Louis!  What a wonderful opportunity!   I enjoy meeting and befriending these precious people who have been through so much hardship.   I believe that whatever we can do to help them to find safety, security and a comfortable life can open their hearts to receiving the best life that is found in Jesus Christ.   Seeing the good fruit and changed lives resulting from Oasis' service makes me proud to be a staunch supporter and board member of Oasis International.

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