Making a New Home with Love


We often forget the blessing of returning home to a well-lit, furnished space where loved ones are gathered, but for many refugees this simple pleasure is unknown. Having lost all in their home country, they begin life in the United States without the basic necessities such as furniture, linens, and dishware and have no means of obtaining these items. But these families are not forgotten. Thanks to generous donations from the St. Louis community, Oasis International provides new refugees with all that they need to convert their house into a home. Whether it be a bed for the children to snuggle into at night or a dining room table where the family can gather to eat a meal together, we will provide these items free of charge.

We also maintain a clothing store where refugees can peruse an array of garments, shoes, and accessories for every age and size and take whatever they require to ensure that their families are clothed in every season of the year.

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