Our Story

Our Story

It was 1989 when I found myself at a crossroad in my life, after serving as associate pastor at our church for 17 years, it was clear that the Lord was leading me in a different direction, but where, I didn’t have a clue.  Early one morning, as I was in prayer, a vision came to me of a globe spinning.  A voice came to me asking a question that would come to alter the course of my life, “Will you go anywhere I want you to go and do anything I want you to do?”  Without hesitation I quickly replied, “Yes.”  Immediately the globe that was spinning stopped and a light was shone on a set of islands.  I recognized Borneo, an island divided among three countries (Indonesia, Brunei, Malaysia) surrounded by South China Sea.  The others I came to learn were Sumatra, Java, Irian, Jaya.  I also saw a hand spell out L A O S and draw a line from the middle of Borneo to the west coast of the island.  I quickly went to a map where I was shocked to find that the Kapuas River started in the middle of Borneo and ended in the west coast of the island in the city of Pontianak, just as in the vision.

Over the next ten years my wife and I would travel through open doors to the exact locations that appeared in the vision; building churches, orphanages, and various ministries.  We continue to commit our lives to loving others.  We have worked with people groups from around the globe and found the common theme of love to be universally understood.

We went through a transistion time at the church and knew the Lord was drawing us away from our pastoral duties there and opening our eyes to the incredible movement of refugees from all over the world to our city.  As God began to shift our focus, we felt the call deepen in our hearts to reach out to the international community.

In 2006, through miraculous provision the building at 5035 Gravois was purchased.  We say, “It is a miracle everyday.” as we watch the faithfulness of God bringing the provision of volunteers, resources and finances.  This miraculous provision is such a demonstration of His great love for each individual refugee.

Oasis International is now a place called “home” to many of our new friends.  It truely is an “oasis” to those who have lost family, friends, jobs, homes and even their own country.  We are there to greet them, love and care for them as they seek refuge in a new place.

We believe we are all refugees and that Earth truly is not our home.  Our hearts long to share the love of Jesus with the international community so that through the preaching of the gospel they will become our “forever friends” worshiping Jesus with us in the age to come!

- Mark & Joanie Akers