Travis Pierce

Travis Pierce

Travis Pierce

Board Member/Administrator

  •  Board Member/Administrator

My Name is Travis Pierce. My family and I had been praying that God would reveal how our family and friends could share His love to people in our community. Through Oasis International, we received a call that there was an Iraqi family who lived in the city that was in desperate need of help and we knew that this was God’s answer to our prayers. We had the honor of helping this family in very practical ways, praying for this family, and sharing the love of Jesus Christ with them. Our family and their family are now lifelong friends!

We met Mark and Joani Akers shortly after this and then walked into Oasis International and were completely amazed! We instantly knew that God was calling us to become more involved in this good work where He was already at work.

Because of God’s work through Oasis International, we now have many friends from Iraq, Sudan, Somalia, Nepal, Afghanistan and other countries that we laugh and that we cry with. Most importantly, we have been able to build real friendships where we can freely discuss the things of God, and share the hope we have in Jesus Christ with them. People who we previously thought we could only meet if we took a trip across the ocean we can now meet in a trip across the city of St. Louis!

We love these families from other countries and can’t wait to build new friendships with families that arrive in the future. We love Oasis International and the work they are doing. We love Mark and Joani Akers for following God’s lead. We know that God is at work in this place and this is why I am honored to be a board member of Oasis International.

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