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They Are Fleeing War, Violence, And Political Unrest

Resettlement to the United States is a long process that can take months, even years. Their journey is rarely easy, and when they do finally receive approval–that’s only the beginning. Then, they’re faced with the equally difficult task of getting their bearings in a brand new city. Here at Oasis International, we have spent the last 15 years partnering with businesses, churches, and individuals to love refugees–giving them the resources they need to have a fresh start. Together, we’re providing furniture, housing, clothing, English and citizenship classes, community events, and more.


‘‘When we came to Oasis, they helped me a lot. We wanted to get settled, do the right things, and be good neighbors. They gave us everything we needed.”

Ahmed and Esraa, Iraq

 Refugees Served from 50+ Countries

“I Don’t Want My Children To Grow Up In A War”

Imagine working alongside U.S. Marines for years as an interpreter in Afghanistan only to flee for your life when everything falls apart. That’s Mohammed’s story. It’s also the same kind of story that birthed our organization. When all he could take was his family, it left Mohammed, and thousands of other refugees just like him, in need of a fresh start. It’s scary and challenging to start over in a brand new country. We know how scary that feels and are 100% committed to helping families seeking refuge feel welcome and at home in St. Louis. That’s why Mohammed walked into Oasis with just his family and left with a completely furnished apartment.

“Now I see a bright future for my family–and I am so happy about that.” –Mohammed

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