Welcome Refugees With Open Arms Through the Simple Act of Writing a Letter

Let your words be a source of comfort and hope for refugee families beginning a new life in St. Louis.

Join us in spreading hope and encouragement to families who are restarting their lives here in St. Louis

Our letter-writing program connects your words of kindness with incoming refugee families who are resettling in St. Louis.

By taking 5 minutes to write a simple letter submitted right on our website, you can share words of encouragement with these families during their transition period.

Here at Oasis, we support refugees and immigrants through one of the hardest seasons of their lives. Writing a welcome letter is a simple act with big significance. Let’s show our new neighbors that they are valued members of our community.

How It Works


Write Your Letter

Type out a simple letter and share words of encouragement and support. We’ll take your words and share them with a new family who’s receiving care and support from our team.

Make an Impact

The words we share matter. They are free, but can be profound. Submitting your welcome letter will enhance their sense of belonging and community for those who need it most.

Stay Connected

After submitting your letter on this page, we’ll keep in touch—sharing more about who received your note and the impact you can have on refugees.

Wondering What To Write?

Your words can make a world of difference to a refugee family settling in our community.
Here are some ideas and prompts to guide you:


Start by introducing yourself, share something simple about your journey, or even what you love about our city.


Extend a warm welcome, expressing your excitement and support for their new life in the Lou.


Acknowledge the difficulties of their journey and thank them for their resilience.


Express empathy and understanding for the difficulties they may have experienced while also offering hope for their future in St. Louis.


Describe what you love about our community and the neighborhoods where they will be living. (i.e. food, activities, etc.).


Offer words of encouragement and support as they adjust to their new life in St. Louis. Let them know they are not alone and that there are people in the community who care about them.

Writing Style:

Keep your language simple and clear, especially since English is likely not their first language. (We’ll make sure to read it with them if needed.)

Respect their cultural background and beliefs, and avoid making assumptions about their experiences or needs.

Write Your Letter



Hi and welcome to St. Louis!

I’m really glad you’re here, and hope our city quickly turns into your home.

We’ve got a really nice zoo, family-friendly parks, and a wide variety of foods (Ted Drewe’s is our favorite spot for dessert!).

While I’m sure there’s still a lot to do and figure out, you’re in good hands with my friends at Oasis.

Again, so glad you’re here!

John and Jane

Answering Your Letter-Writing Questions

Why should I write a letter to a refugee family in St. Louis?

Writing a letter is a simple yet powerful way to extend a warm welcome and offer support to incoming refugee families. Your words of encouragement can make a significant difference in their transition to a new country and community.

What should I write in my letter?
Your letter can include words of welcome, encouragement, and support. You can also share a bit about yourself, your interests, and your community—although please be thoughtful and do not share any personal information that should remain confidential. 
Can I write letters as an individual, or does it need to be a group effort?
You can participate in our letter-writing program as an individual, family, or group. All are welcome to join in spreading love and encouragement to refugee families in St. Louis.
Will I receive a response from the refugee family?
While we cannot guarantee a response from the refugee family due to various factors, many families appreciate receiving letters and we may help them respond if able. We will not be putting you in direct communication with them. The primary goal is to offer support and encouragement to refugee families during their transition period.
How do I get started with writing letters to incoming refugee families in St. Louis?
Getting started is easy! Simply write your letter in the form above, and we’ll make sure it’s delivered to an incoming refugee family.