Hear real stories from refugees and committed volunteers.

“It’s not easy, but Oasis helps so much.”

Ahmed and Esraa, Iraq

“We don’t have to go to the nations. They’re coming to us.”

Jim, St. Louis Volunteer

“As a teacher, teaching ESL is how I get involved and make a difference.”

Lynn, St. Louis Volunteer

“I came here because my country wasn’t safe, and Oasis…helped me so much.”

Qahtan, Iraq

“I worked with the US Marine Core and was injured which brought me to St. Louis–and to Oasis.”

Saeed, Iraq

“Teaching ESL introduced me to a whole new world and I LOVE it.”

Debbie, St. Louis Volunteer

“Oasis gave us everything.”

Wael and Lina, Iraq

With a heart for all Nations, it turns out our mission field was right back here in St. Louis

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This Afghan family walked in with nothing and walked out with a community and fully-furnished home

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Joani Akers nominated as the Remarkable Woman of St. Louis of 2021

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In the community helping provide refugees with what they need

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Welcome Refugees With Open Arms Through the Simple Act of Writing a Letter

Let your words be a source of comfort and hope for refugee families beginning a new life in St. Louis.